We leverage technology and our understanding of consumer taste to produce the next generation of family-centric and music-based programming to provide entertainment for the world.

Green Investment Initiative

As Gen Z and Millennial business owners, it is our responsibility to determine and redefine good business practices in the context of the modern economy. Hello Pictures prides itself on being in touch with modern culture and leading by example. The Green Investment reflects initiatives that Gen Z and Millennials have wished to see from the private sector — willingness to sacrifice revenue and the bottom line for the greater good. We pledge to allocate a percentage of our annual profits to organizations committed to combatting climate change, and we urge others to follow suit. This is simply the cost of doing business on a dying planet.


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State-of-the-art facilities including sound stages, recording studios, editing bays, production suites, screening rooms, event spaces and more.

Our technology includes a revolutionary 10ft x 60ft semi-circle LED screen with gaming engine virtual sets and new-age MoCap technology. Our executives are writers, producers, animators, illustrators, cinematographers, VFX developers, motion-picture editors, sound engineers, and more, truly making us a full-service production studio for hire.


  • 17,257 sq ft Production Studio
  • Sound stage 1: 5480 sq ft
  • Sound stage 2: 1000 sq ft
  • 46 ft curve by 14 ft 10″ high, 2.6mm pixel panel LED wall
  • MoCap studio
  • Animation rendering studio
  • Illustration studio
  • Screening room
  • Recording studio & mixing room
  • 3 x Editing Bays
  • 1 x Control Room
  • 2 x Outside Deck Event Spaces
  • 2 x Outside Creative Areas
  • 2 x Storage and & Prop Rooms



  • 5 Private VIP Talent Rooms
  • 2 Large Hair & MakeUp Rooms
  • 5 monitor stations
  • Mobile Insert Stage 19x46x22
  • Hair sink and washer/drier room
  • 4 Conference Rooms
  • 5+ private office rooms
  • 2 Kitchens
  • 5 restrooms and 2 showers


As you may have seen in shows like The Mandalorian, Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker and Marvel’s Thor: Love & Thunder, many major studios around the world utilize this new technology with commercial success. LED stages allow you to film anywhere you can dream of, using game-engine generated virtual sets as your environment. From space galaxies to the desert, you can be shooting in one location at the start of the day and then “relocate” to the other side of the planet in minutes.


Our partnership with MoCap Systems (courtesy of ASI GiG) provides us with the world’s leading motion capture technology. With this tech, we are able to map human body joints to match digital puppets. Our solution is able to simultaneously track 2048 markers with superior precision that enables the capturing of chest movement while breathing, the tracking of muscle contraction (biceps, thigh muscles, calf muscles), and never before captured nuances of human body movement. Our solution is not a 10x improvement, but rather a 100x improvement when compared to currently used solutions.